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Healthy way. great flavor!

Here at Pork U BBQ Seasonings and Rubs, we strive to help you maintain a balance between your healthy life and great flavor! That's why we have created such a wide array of fresh ground and health conscious seasonings and rubs. From our signature rub "I like pork butts and I cannot lie", our Pork U's "Master's Degree" which is great on literally anything to Pork U's "Fire Drill" which will light anything you want to season on fire with big bold flavors, we have something for you. All of which are hand ground and hand mixed to order to insure freshness and great loud flavors in a healthier manner which includes no sugar items, low salt, no MSG, and never any preservatives, fillers, or anti-clumping chemicals. All of this means when you spice up your life with any of Pork U's products you will be doing yourself and your family a huge favor by introducing bold fresh flavors in a healthier way than ever before.

My passion and dream

So we made you the talk of the town with the great flavored food and crazy good bbq, you and your family are a little healthier, and you helped out a small company make its mark in the culinary world...Whats next?!?! Pork U wants to leave a footprint behind that we can all be proud of, so with every purchase made of any of our fresh seasonings and rubs we will donate a nice portion of the proceeds to help feed the children of America. Pork U believes no child should go hungry and with your help we can make sure we are doing our part.

This Company is my passion and dream come true, thank you very much for taking part in it.

Lou Kramer Pork U BBQ Seasonings and Rubs Creator and Owner


Best Seller



Massage Therapy

  • Beef U
  • Rib Rub
  • I like pig butts and I cannot lie
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Pork U Engraved Shun Cutlery and 20 Ounce Yeti

  • Black Friday Gift Set
  • Pork U Engraved 20 ounce Yeti and Shun Cutlery Knife
  • Great Christmas Gift
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Prather’s Hot Beef

  • Limited Edition Spicy Texas Beef Rub
  • 1.00 of every bottle being donated to feed hungry children in Texas
  • Label features social media super star Chad Prather
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